Grammar mistakes are so “last year”

In today’s word savvy, tech savvy, and just plain savvy world, there is no room for the written word to cause readers to cringe from spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors in anything that is read. 

Grammarly can help even the most elementary writer with even the most heinous of errors, write error free. Grammarly is a tool that is as easy as paint-by-numbers. 

Transform elementary writing into eloquent writing through the use of this user-friendly tool that works as your own personal editor, fact checker, spell checker and overall idiot-proofer. 

The written word is both powerful and permanent. With the use of Grammarly, the words that are written will be clear, concise and correct. The need for self-checking and paranoia are removed, and a sense of relief and satisfaction replace them. 

Your emails, articles, blogs, novels and anything else you write for digital or print communication materials can start to read like gibberish when you’ve been working and writing all day long. That’s why, this week, Grammarly introduced a mechanism that can detect the tone in your work.

If you think you’re coming across as an omniscient wizard in your email, you may be wrong. Grammarly can tell you how your words sound to readers. The popular browser extension literally thinks of it all. It has your back!

From grammar to spelling, to punctuation, word choice, phrasing and now tone, Grammarly makes you appear as the boss, college student or employee that swallowed the dictionary and latest AP-Style textbook.

There are so many complications that plague our work weeks, such as company crises, malfunctioning copy machines from the Stone Age and know-it-all interns; so, don’t let writing be another complication.

Go on with your day and, instead, worry about your super cute new co-worker or what you’re going to make for dinner. Your grandparents may say the technology world has gotten out of hand, but Grammarly can even fix their mistakes with ease.

Grammarly will become your new best friend; so back off, Patricia. Leave some room for the latest AI-technology that blesses your relationship with writing and helps you land your dream job.